Carolina Rib King provides so much more than just good tasting food. Itís a stand out experience that is unmatched. Plus, you will appreciate the reasonable prices and great service.
- Nika White, Greenville, SC


 • 2nd Ribs Bradenton, Florida-Golf Coast Rhythm
 • 3rd Sauce Cleveland, Ohio-Marc's Great American Rib Cook Off
 • 1st Beef Brisket Fort Wayne, Indiana-17th Annual BBQ Ribfest
 • 1st Pork Cedar Rapids, Iowa---BBQ Roundup
 • People's Choice Cedar Rapids, Iowa-BBQ Roundup
 • People's Choice Indianapolis, Indiana
 • 1st Pork Davenport, Iowa-River Roots Live and Rib Fest


 • 2nd Ribs-Bradenton -- Florida Gulf Coast Rib Fest
 • 1st Ribs- Akron, Ohio -- Rib, White and Blue
 • 2nd Sauce Akron, Ohio -- Rib, White and Blue
 • 2nd Ribs Columbus, Ohio-- Jazz & Rib Fest
 • 1st Ribs Fort Wayne, Indiana -- 16th Annual BBQ Ribfest
 • 2nd Ribs St Petersburg, Florida -- Ribfest